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At Motivated Leads, we have a strong passion for both digital marketing and real estate investing. Our team has a wealth of experience in helping clients achieve impressive results through the use of digital advertising. It was through this work that we had a breakthrough idea: what if we could merge our expertise in digital marketing with our love for real estate investing? And so, Motivated Leads was created. We specialize in assisting other investors in finding motivated sellers through targeted advertising on digital platforms. We are committed to sharing our insights and expertise with you to help you succeed in the real estate industry.

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After years of success in optimizing leads across industries, we took that same expertise to our hometown. By running local ads through, it was amazing how two single family homes were bought within the first month—right where we wanted them! We knew there could be something special here...

Our team's experience with driving leads via Facebook and SEO allowed us to take advantage of our local real estate market. We ran ads through, and the results were amazing: in just one month we secured two single family homes in exactly the zip codes we had targeted! Clearly, this was something special - it seemed like success would be inevitable after that point!

With years of experience in generating leads through Facebook and SEO, we had the confidence to try something new. We began marketing our local real estate investments with and were amazed by the results! In only one month, two single-family homes within our targeted zip codes came under our ownership - it was a breakthrough moment that gave us proof of concept this could truly be done!

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After bombarding ourselves with leads for years and just giving our extra leads away to investors and wholesalers in our local Pittsburgh area we realized we had an upper hand in the industry as far as lead gen for motivated sellers goes. We were generating 10X the leads a normal investor in our area was getting and everyone in the industry locally all of a sudden wanted to be our friend! We realized that investors nationwide probably had the same problem generating leads and that is why we created MOTIVATED LEADS!

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Fast forward 5 years to now and we’ve generated 5,000+ leads for 400+ clients nationwide. Many of our clients have been with us for 1.5 years or more! They must be closing deals…