Frequently asked questions.

We are power closers. These houses were purchased from Motivated Sellers and BRRRR'd

What Services Do You Offer?

Pay Per Lead, Facebook Ads, Google PPC, & SEO for Real Estate Flippers, Wholesalers and Buy and Hold Investors.

How much does your service cost?

It depends - we have 2 services, Pay Per Lead and Custom Marketing.  Our pay per lead program is a great entry point because you only pay for leads.  All leads are 100% exclusive & the price can vary from $300+ per lead.  For investors that want to build their brand, we do offer custom marketing where we will run your Facebook Ads, Google ads and SEO for you in YOUR ad account and send the traffic to YOUR site.  Custom starts at $2500/ month

Should I do Pay Per Lead or a Custom Campaign?

This really depends on you and your business strategy.  Custom is great because everything is custom designed specifically to match your brand or we can make you a brand.  Branding can pay off in the long run while you're receiving leads now.  On the other hand Pay Per Lead is cut and dry, no monthly expenses, you know exactly what your cost per lead will be, you only pay for leads you get and no monthly fee.

What makes you different?

We practice what we preach. We are investors ourselves, we are not some BS marketing agency selling you fluff. We guarantee good leads and will refund them if they are not good.