September 1, 2023

15 Killer Tips for High Converting Google Ads for Real Estate Investors

Whether you’re brand-new to real estate investing or you’ve been working in the industry for years, creating high converting Google ads can be a challenge. Whether you’re trying to compete with other businesses in your area, or you’re just trying to reach the right audience, a smart strategy is important in the process of locating Google Ads leads for real estate investors.

Creating and publishing the right sort of ads is not a quick, simple process, but taking the steps needed to succeed is well worth the time and effort invested.

Take a look at the following 15 top tips for high converting Google ads for real estate investors so that you can develop your best possible strategy. Getting the attention of potential clients and getting them to connect with your business positively is an absolute must when it comes to the success of Google ads.

Though the market is crowded with businesses very similar to yours, creating unique, high-quality ads becomes easier when you know how to work effectively.

#1- Plan Your Approach

The first step in creating successful Google ads for real estate investors is to have a plan. Before you make any moves, it’s important to have a clear indication of what your goals are, what approach you’re going to take, and what your target audience is looking for. Having a well-devised plan makes a world of difference when it comes to creating high-converting ads.

#2- Have a Clear CTA

Successful ads for real estate investors have to include a clear call to action. Ads achieve their highest click-through rates when they’re giving the viewer instructions or prompts to proceed with. Make sure that your ads let your target audience know how to get what they’re looking for by including phrases like, “sell your house now” or “close in as little as a week.”

#3- Consider Your Region

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When creating Google ads for motivated seller leads, it’s a good idea to target your audience’s local area. While there are plenty of real estate investors who operate across the country, motivated sellers are likely going to be looking for buyers in their area. Homeowners tend to put more trust and value into businesses that are familiar with their area, so putting your region into your ads might be a great way to set your business apart from competitors.

Mention your city or state in your headlines and descriptions, link your Google Business Listing so that viewers can see your company’s address, and mention that you’re a local home buyer in your ad.

#4- Research Your Keywords

A successful real estate investor’s Google ads don’t randomly pull keywords out of a hat. Instead, the business carefully researches potential keywords before choosing the best ones for their ads. When choosing the keywords you’re going to use for your ads, take the following steps:

  • Think about your audience. When you know the sort of people you’re trying to work with, you’re more aware of their search behaviors.
  • Take a look at keyword tools. Using online keyword tools can help you uncover which keywords generate the most results, which keywords have become stale.
  • Watch out for negative keywords. There are keywords you want to use for your ads, and then there are keywords you don’t want to be associated with your business at all. Being aware of negative keywords can help steer you in the right direction with your ads.
  • Look at what competitors are doing. Find successful competitors in your field and take a look at the Google Adwords for real estate investors that they use. It will give you a good idea about which way to take your ad approach.

#5- Personalize Your Ads

The internet can take a lot of the person-to-person aspect out of a business relationship, so when you’re reaching out to potential clients, personalize your ads. Use terms that are going to help people see the benefits of working with your business. For example, noting that you buy homes in any condition will help target people who want to sell an older home.

#6- Know Your Audience

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Developing effective Google ads for real estate investors involves being well aware of what sort of people you’re looking to work with. Be aware of the situations they’re facing when they look for ways to sell their homes. If you’re local, it might help to know about what issues traditional homeowners face when trying to get their homes prepared for a sale (ex: flood damage, roofing issues, etc.).

#7- Have a Mobile-Friendly Site

In this day and age, very few people are going to spend time on a site that isn’t mobile-friendly, being that so many people search the web on mobile devices. Even the most effective ad is unlikely to keep people looking at a clunky website for very long. Welcome click-throughs onto a sleek, well-organized, mobile-friendly website for the best possible results.

#8- Present an Offer Properly

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When you’re designing Google PPC ads for real estate investor businesses, you’ll want to ensure that one of the first things your potential client will see is the benefits you can offer them. When you’re presenting an offer in your ad, say something that will make your business a one-of-a-kind choice. Let them know that there are no fees associated with your process. Tell them that you pay cash. Note that you work quickly and don’t require appraisals or repairs.

#9- Note Your Credibility

If your business has won any sort of credibility awards, use them to your advantage. When converting leads for real estate investors, you’ll gain the trust of potential clients by noting your credibility. If you’ve earned a high BBB rating, tell your clients through ads. If you have high Google Business ratings, include that information briefly in your ads.

#10- Guarantee Your Service

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Homeowners who are looking to sell like being given a guarantee that they’ve come to the right place when visiting a business. By all means, do not lie to your audience by making guarantees you can’t keep, but if you have something you can promise, do it. For example, if you can guarantee a certain timeline, mention it. If you are willing to make offers higher than your competitors, say so.

#11- Entertain Your Audience

Most of the time, people can appreciate a joke, even if they’re facing a difficult situation. If you’re able to come up with an entertaining ad that evokes a positive response from potential clients, do it. However, try to avoid using jokes that could become dated quickly. You might want to say something like,

“Is your home too ugly to sell? Well, we like ugly houses!”

“Has your home scared away realtors? Don’t let that stop you.”

“Did your past renter stage your property for a Hoarders episode? We’ll help.”

Remind your audience that there is humor to be found in any circumstances.

#12- Have A Budget

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One key component of creating Google PPC ads for real estate investors is to have an ad budget in mind before embarking upon an ad campaign. Ads can become quite expensive when you’re trying to reach a wide audience, so knowing exactly how much you can afford to invest in your ads will help keep the process of advertising running as smoothly as possible. As your success builds, your ad budget will likely increase.

There’s nothing wrong with starting small. It’s all a part of the growing process as a real estate business.

#13- Focus on Your Unique Qualities

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Real estate is a massive industry, full of niche markets and as such, the competition between businesses in a niche is often quite fierce. In order to set your business apart from other businesses in your chosen market, you’ll want to frame your ad in a way that makes you unique.

If there’s something you can offer that no other business can, include that detail in your ads. Part of creating compelling Google ads for motivated seller leads involves getting their attention. They likely see similar ads from investors all the time throughout their search, so giving them something that makes them remember your business is crucial.

#14- Remember To Be Human

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In business, both parties often forget that they’re interacting with other human beings. Real estate investors can sometimes lose track of the fact that they’re trying to help homeowners who want to get out of a difficult situation. Homeowners, in their search for help, often forget that the business they’re reaching out to has people working within it.

To help convert leads to your business, it’s a good idea to remind potential clients that they’re getting in touch with human beings. Appeal to the situations your clients are facing (like divorce, family death, foreclosure, etc.), or ask questions that a regular person might ask (“are you struggling to sell?).

Do what you can to remind people that they’re working with other human beings instead of just a business.

#15- Keep It a Work in Progress

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Ad creation constantly evolves as technology advances, meaning that there is almost never going to be a time where your ads are considered “perfect” and can be left as-is indefinitely.

You should always consider your real estate investor Google Ads to be a work in progress. Go back and improve ad pieces, keep an eye on how your ads perform, and make changes as needed. There are always going to be new players in your market, and keywords are likely going to change as time passes.

Just because your ads are doing really well one day does not mean they will forever. It’s not an error on your part, and it doesn’t mean that you created low-quality ads. You just need to remain vigilant and develop strategies to keep up with the way that the advertising world changes.

Learn from both your successes and failures so that you can apply ad-making skills to new campaigns during their development. You’ll also want to keep up with new ad policies and trends in real estate. This way, you can be prepared for changes rather than being blindsided by them.

By knowing how to create effective PPC for real estate investors, as well as other Google ad types, you can ensure that your business will get the conversions it deserves.

Being aware of how your audience thinks, how other businesses in your industry operate, and how people use keywords to search for help, you can take the tips listed above and apply them to your strategies.

The sky is the limit when you create good ads, but success does not arrive overnight. Feel free to experiment with your ads, and keep close track of your analytics to monitor what works and what doesn’t. Keep an eye out for changes and new advertising trends as well so that you can take what you already know and use it to your advantage ahead of other businesses in your industr