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Episode 95: How to Get Into Real Estate Investing with Adam Devine | Virtual Wholesaling

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Show Notes

Adam Devine is the CEO of PurchRock, a virtual real estate investing business focused on buying houses in Connecticut, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. He is a successful real estate investor and entrepreneur, and he is on the show today to share his story and the lessons he learned along the way.


Listen now to learn more about Adam, the mindset that led him to find success in real estate investing, and how you can apply what he learned to achieve your goals in business!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

01:01 When did Adam get into real estate investing?

02:30 How did Adam meet his business partner?

03:43 What is the best way to get into real estate investing?

05:05 What mistakes did Adam make as they started PurchRock?

08:04 How can you find and hire the right people for the right seats?

11:01 What is the Predictive Index assessment?

14:05 How can you do a large volume of deals within a year?

16:16 What kind of services does REVA Global Careers offer?

18:10 What is the importance of taking action?

19:37 What kind of mailers work best for PurchRock?

22:02 What does the process look like at PurchRock?

24:20 What is the key to success in doing realestate virtually?

26:35 What is the best way to manage leads virtually?

29:35 What is Adam's advice to get the best results in business?

33:05 How can you connect with Adam?



“I firmly believe right done is better than good. We can fine tune and improve on it after we get some kind of result and process in place.”


“You have to execute on what you say. Like, if we can't do something, we're gonna be transparent about it. We're not there to take a Hail Mary play. Either we can or we can't do it, and that's it. But we're gonna make sure that we have integrity every step of the way.”


“At the end of the day, figure out what your strengths are, get real clear on what you want and the why behind it, and get tunnel vision. Get radically, radically focused.”


“If you can be consistent in your discipline, you’re gonna be consistent in your results.”



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