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Episode 73: How Ashley Kehr Builds Deep Relationships to Turn Her Weaknesses Into Strengths

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Show Notes

Would you like to become a real estate rookie? This episode is for you! I have a rare opportunity to interview Ashley Kehr. She is the co-host and author of ’The Real Estate Rookie’. Ashley is passionate about investments and the different avenues of wealth creation. Her goal is to give back and help others gain financial freedom.

Ashley started as an accountant. After six months of working in an office, she quit to be a stay-at-home mom. After awhile, someone offered her an opportunity to become a property manager. She had no idea what goes into property management. All she had were a bunch of files, keys and 40 units to manage. Ashley invested her time in learning property management and watched close what her employer was doing. In no time, she started buying houses of her own, and today she is a real estate rookie. Her mode of investment is unique and exciting.

In this episode, Ashley shares her journey and some golden nuggets we can all borrow to get started. Grab your notebook and pen. You’ll need to take notes.

Key Talking Points of theEpisode:

[00:27] Getting to know Ashley

[03:25] Long-term versus short-term investment

[09:14] Ashley’s inspiration to reach out to beekeepers

[15:00] Misconceptions in real estate

[19:14] How to minimize risk in real estate

[24:02] Grab Ashley’s book

[24:24] Nuggets of wisdom from Steph

[27:10] Connect with Ashley

Magical Quotes from theEpisode:

“In New York State, they have a huge tax credit to on your property taxes, if you enrol with their logging program.”

“Figure out what that worst case scenario is, and then figure out how to deal with it.”

“If you find the deal, you can usually find money when you start.”

Connect with Ashley Kehr: