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Episode 82: How Chris Haddon Started His Real Estate Business in 2007 and Survived

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Show Notes

Chris Haddon has been a private lender for real estate investors for the past 15 years. They started in 2007, right around the great real estate crash, and they’ve been a great resource in the mid-atlantic since then. Today, aside from being one of the most reliable lenders in their local market, Chris has also started their own mastermind for hard money lenders to help other lenders take their businesses to the next level.


Listen now to learn more about Chris, what it was like for him to be in business during the crash, and how he came to start the Hard Money Mastermind!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

00:30 Who is Chris Haddon?

01:08 What was it like for Chris to start his business around the real estate crash?

04:04 How did Chris start growing his business to what it is today?

05:05 What was Chris’ edge in the market when they started?

07:13 What made Chris decide to shift his focus on private money lending?

08:40 Why did Chris decide to sell off their rental properties?

10:08 How do Chris’ commercial investments work?

11:04 How did Chris benefit from having a business coach?

12:30 What strategies have worked really well for Chris?

13:10 Who Chris’ ideal investor?

15:20 What does this business look like for Chris in the future?

16:42 What made Chris decide to start a mastermind?

19:09 Why are masterminds a great investment for entrepreneurs?

20:24 What kind of value can you get out of a mastermind?

24:00 Who can join the Hard Money Mastermind?

25:11 How can you reach out to Chris and his team?




Website: Hard Money Bankers


Website: Hard Money Mastermind


Podcast: The Private Lenders’ Podcast


Book: The 4-Hour Workweek