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Episode 44: Eric Brewer talking about Hiring The Right People, Novations & How To Close Deals

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Show Notes

Welcome to Eat, Sleep, Invest. Bryan Driscoll talks with Eric Brewer about his successful investment business. Eric is a real estate investor in York, PA, and he is on track to doing 400 deals this year. After getting out of the military, Eric started working at a car dealership and climbed the ladder, eventually ending up in sales. After years in sales, he found he wanted to free up more time for his family and started working with mortgages.

But when a former colleague proposed they start flipping houses together, he decided to go for it. He currently has 46 employees at his company Integrity First Home Buyers. Eric shares the story of his success and gives tips on hiring the best people and getting deals with noviations on properties you’d usually pass up. Bryan and Eric discuss:

  • How Eric used what he learned from the car business and applied it to real estate for a successful start
  • The steps he took to grow the business as he needed more people to manage different parts of the company
  • How building a good team and getting everyone working together took making many mistakes and refocusing on leadership to make a great team
  • Changing job postings and interviews to focus on what the company will give the employee and what they can expect
  • The importance of good company culture in getting and keeping talented people
  • The idea of turning skinny leads to fat profits with novations
  • The seesawing between the condition of the house/person’s life and motivation to sell
  • How the company’s core values have led them to find more ways to help homeowners and make deals
  • How Eric helps other real estate investors succeed through his mastery course
  • All the benefits and the right audience for Eric’s Brewer Method
  • How real estate investors can offer certainty to homeowners

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