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Episode 99: The Best Methods for Raising Capital for Real Estate Deals with Dave Dubeau

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Show Notes

Dave Dubeau is a seasoned real estate investor with years of experience in different asset classes and raising capital. Today, Dave is focused on helping mom-and-pop investors in understanding the importance of raising capital and learning how to do it the best way they can.


Listen now to learn more about Dave, his strategy for raising capital, and the things you need to keep in mind when you’re doing it!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

00:24 What is Dave’s background?

01:11 Why is building capital more important than finding a deal?

02:09 What was Dave’s first few deals like?

03:12 How did Dave figure out how to raise capital effectively?

04:52 What did Dave learn from his first attempt at raising capital for a deal?

06:29 Why is it important to make a great first impression?

07:14 How did Dave change the way he raised capital after the deal that collapsed?

08:23 Who are the people you should have on your marketing list?

10:43 What is the best way to initiate the conversation about investments with people in your network?

12:30 Why is it important to respond to the people who will reply to your emails?

13:14 How can you start the conversation about real estate through email within your network?

14:29 What is the importance of edutaining your network?

15:15 What is the most common mistake we make when marketing to our network?

16:43 Why does building rapport work better than cold-pitching deals?

18:03 Why is it better to focus on one investor per deal?

19:32 What is the best way to connect with Dave?



“Hey, if you need to raise capital quickly for a deal, go and talk to people, right? Go turn every conversation into a real estate conversation and get some, some investors that way.”


“I did one smart thing out of this whole experience. I did one smart thing, Brian, and that is I put together a target list of prospective investors.”


“The best way to start when it comes to private money is your existing network, right? Leverage the people that you know.”




Website: Money Partner Formula


Website: Freedom Venture


Facebook: Dave Dubeau