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Episode 74: The Most Certain Way to Fast Track Your Success with David Phelps

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Show Notes

Are you a dentist and wondering how you can invest in real estate? In this episode, I interview David Phelps, a thriving entrepreneur who shifted from dentistry to real estate. David is the host of the Dentist Freedom Blueprint podcast. He has a passion for real estate and seeks to help his former colleagues to generate income from their net worth. 

David began his career as a dentist. After 20 years in the practice, he quit and joined real estate, which has been his passion since college. While in college, he would attend real estate meetings and learn more about investing in this niche. After college, he started buying real estate. The desire to make money inspired him to join real estate.

In this episode, David shares his story and advises on how to invest in real estate. Tune in and get inspired. Remember to take some notes for reference.   

Key Talking Points of the Episode:

[00:38] Getting to know David

[02:38] Quitting dentistry to focus on real estate

[06:21] Importance of surrounding yourself with the right people

[09:37] David explains the mastermind program in the education space

[13:55] Areas of focus in the real estate markets

[17:15] Planning and preparing for pivot

[18:48] Adapting to the economy

[22:09] Preparing for recessions

[25:17] David discusses his book on inflation

[28:01] Importance of the author narrative in audiobooks

[28:49] Connect with David    

Quotes from the Episode:

"It all starts somewhere. But I think you've to be willing to have open eyes and test different ideas as you go along."

"Smart as you might be willing to work as hard as everybody listening to this today has proven, don't do it yourself. Find the right people."

"When net worth is seven figures, that's meaningless unless that net worth can produce income when you need the income."

"The markets are not always liquid."

"The tendency in the market is that the time to buy is when nobody wants to buy."

Connect With David Phelps: