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Episode 93: Achieving Real Estate Success After Quitting a 9-5 Job with Dustin Heiner

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Show Notes

Dustin Heiner is a real estate agent and investor who has made a successful career out of buying, selling and managing properties. In this episode Dustin shares his journey from quitting his job and pursuing real estate. Join us in today’s episode as Dustin emphasizes the importance of personal connections in the real estate industry, explains how to know you're working with an expert property manager, and many more.

Tune in to learn more about Dustin's story and know how you can start buying properties with no money down!

Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

01:10 Dustin’s background

05:42 What Dustin learned from getting laid off

07:15 Why you need to know what your value is

09:22 What Dustin tells people who want to quit their job

11:08 How to really build passive income from real estate

13:30 How to get started investing in real estate with no money

16:05 Why building a business is important before buying properties

18:25 How your business can help you buy the right properties

21:30 How property managers can help make business easier

23:45 Why you should hire a property manager

24:10 Biggest mistakes real estate investors make today

25:16 FREE real estate investment course

27:15 Dustin Heiner’s favorite book



“You are worth so much more than anybody could ever pay you.”


"I realize if I put my life in somebody else’s hands, it’s more risky doing that than it is to invest in real estate.”


“Go find the deal because if you find the deal, the money will come. Private investors will come, the bank will lend you, because you buy right.”


“The biggest thing is build the business first, then have the experts work for you.”


“For me it wasn’t having a store of money inside the account, it was having monthly money coming in passive income and cashflow that I knew was coming in.”


“We do is we build the business and then we set up the systems, the procedures and processes in the business so that we then have it work itself.”


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