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Episode 101: How to Achieve Success with Multifamily Properties with Matt Faircloth

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Show Notes

Matt Faircloth is a multifamily real estate investor with a portfolio of thousands of doors that he accumulated over the years. He is on the show with us today to talk about how he got into multifamily real estate, the strategies he uses, and how you can get into this space too!


Listen now to learn more about investing in multifamily properties and how you can find success in it like Matt did!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

00:29 What is Matt’s background?

01:31 What is it like to have thousands of units in a multifamily portfolio?

02:24 What is it like to manage multifamily properties?

04:00 How did Matt get into real estate?

05:11 Why did Matt choose to get into rentals?

06:20 How can rental properties help you through any kind of economy?

08:30 How can the Cash Flow Game help you learn skills for your business?

11:11 How can someone doing single-family get into the multifamily space?

13:46 What can investors do to get started in putting multifamily deals together?

15:32 Where can you find good multifamily deals?

17:31 Why is it important to build relationships with the right brokers?

18:01 What kind of multifamily properties does Matt buy today?

19:05 What numbers can tell if a multifamily deal makes sense or not?

23:41 When do values change in multifamily?

25:30 How does the BRRR method work in multifamily properties?

27:24 What is the best way to handle difficult properties?

29:41 How can working with local police officers help keep a building safe?

32:47 How does Matt help investors get into the multifamily space?

34:35 Who is the best fit for Matt’s mastermind?

35:05 What is the best way to reach out to Matt?



“You catch the market cycle. But if you don't, rentals can be very forgiving if you hold them long enough.”


“It was really through private investors that we ended up getting into multi and this isn’t one’s better and one’s not – but really, we’re able to take down deals that are way larger than we could afford with our own cash or that our investors can afford by themselves.”

“The broker that sells you a duplex, a single-family home is not the same broker that’s gonna sell you a 30-unit apartment building.”



Website: DeRosa Group

Instagram: Matt Faircloth


Book: Raising Private Capital


BiggerPockets: Matt Faircloth