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Episode 102: How to Analyze Real Estate Data Like an Expert with Jamie Lane

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Show Notes

Jamie Lane is the Vice-President of Research at AirDNA, a leading short-term rental data and analytics company. In this episode, Jamie shares his extensive expertise in real estate, data analysis, and revenue management strategies for short-term rental investments.


Listen to this episode to learn more about short-term rentals and analyzing real estate data!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

00:27 What is Jamie Lane's background in real estate?

01:26 Where does AirDNA gather data?

02:21 What kind of data does AirDNA track?

03:06 What does AirDNA’s Rentalizer do?

04:16 What are market cycles like in the short-term rental space?

06:22 What are the occupancy levels like for short-term rentals?

07:48 How does long-term data help in making better decisions for your rentals?

08:34 What are the top problems investors are trying to solve in the short-term rental space?

10:35 How does AirDNA help owners manage their rates?

11:30 What are strategies to implement in revenue management?

12:57 What strategies are working on getting short-term rentals booked during down seasons?

13:36 How does AirDNA data help owners plan for on and off-peak seasons?

14:18 How does AirDNA help investors find the property manager they need?

15:45 How do bed room counts impact the performance of short-term rentals?

17:02 What amenities should investors provide for short-term rentals?

18:15 Why is the demand for short-term rentals higher today?

20:26 What does the future look like in the short-term rental space?

21:20 How can you improve your short-term rental through AirDNA data?

22:35 Who is the best client for this software?

23:57 What’s the average cost of Jamie’s software?

25:05 How can you connect with Jamie?

23:55 What are the benefits of subscribing to AirDNA?



“People started to get out again and they wanted to travel. They weren't necessarily willing to stay in a hotel. So they looked to short-term rentals.”


“What are the amenities that I could add to my property that would actually differentiate me and get more bookings than my competitors.”


“I'm gonna take what's doing really well in Gatlinburg and try to replicate it in this other destination and beat out the competition that way.”



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