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Episode 78: Why You Might Need to Wait to Invest to Be a Successful Investor with Jason Medley of Collective Genius - CG

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Show Notes

Jason Medley is the founder and CEO of the Collective Genius Mastermind (CG), which is a mastermind built for the top real estate investors in the world. On this episode, Jason walks us through the process of creating reliable and predictable income for the tough times that are here.


Additionally, we address how you can actually scale yourself out of business and how to prevent that and create profit consistently.


0:00 Introduction

0:36 Who is Jason Medley

0:51 What is the Collective Genius

4:11 Should investors be investors in 2023?

5:13 How you can scale yourself out of business

8:28 The principles of active income and how to prepare for the down times

13:52 How to create the process for protecting your life

17:13 The method of taking chips off the table

19:34 When to start your passive income journey

21:30 Creating predictable and reliable income

25:15 The process of creating income and peace of mind in rocky times

40:01 How to protect yourself for the unexpected things coming

44:13 What type of people are a part of The Collective Genius

50:37 How to apply for the Collective Genius


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