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Episode 70 : Benmont Locker On Finding Success in Real Estate Investing Through Communicating Effectively

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Show Notes

Benmont Locker is the COO of Integrity First Home Buyers, a wholesaling company based in PA. Together with his team, Benmont has found massive success in the real estate space by focusing on their marketing methods and refining the way they communicate with their leads.


Watch this video to learn more about Benmont and his team, their marketing efforts, and the purpose behind the way their processes!


KeyTalking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

01:52 Who is Benmont Locker?

02:38 How did Benmont’s team get to where they are today?

04:05 How is Benmont’s team handling the leads they’re receiving?

06:35 What is the importance of having a plan for communicating with leads?

07:27 How does segmenting your leads help you communicate better with them?

10:23 Why is it important to understand the psychology of communication?

12:30 How does Benmont and his team customize their communication with leads?

14:00 How did Benmont and his team find their way to their current processes?

17:31 Why is it important to find a way for cold callers to manage their workload better?

19:55 How did Benmont’s team transition to a more efficient way of communicating with leads?

23:27 How does Benmont offer their processes as a service for other businesses?

27:00 How can people reach out to Benmont for their lead management services?

28:47 What is the avatar of the investor that needs Benmont’s lead management services?

31:02 How does Benmont’s team help other investors do novations?

33:07 Why is it important to focus on lead management in your business?




Contact: Benmont Locker

(717) 779-4034


Website: Brewer Method