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Episode 68: Dennis Yu Talks About Social Media Marketing And The Importance of Videos

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Show Notes

Thanks for joining us on Eat, Sleep,Invest. In this episode, Bryan Driscoll speaks with Dennis Yu. Dennis is an engineer who got involved in the online marketing space. He built his first website over 30 years and worked at Yahoo. He learned a lot about SEO during his time with the search engine and became an early advertiser on Facebook.

He has seen the progression of more authentic content on social media. He also had a best-selling book on Amazon about social media marketing. He has a plethora of information for investors and wants to share it widely. Bryan and Dennis discuss:

2:41 The types of content people should be doing to advertise online and how recommendations work effectively with a collaborative filter

5:28 Why making videos is more informative and richer than other types of content

6:48 Why not wanting to be on camera isn’t a good excuse for not creating video content

8:53 How taking videos on your cell phone is more engaging and relatable than professional, studio-produced videos

10:31 Examples of the kinds of content that works and increases engagement

16:44 How working with other people in your videos can help grow your reach to a larger audience

19:47 How AI categorizes your videos,pictures, and moments, and the way you can utilize this for making content

24:40 What you should do after feeding the algorithm with your content

26:04 How to hire the right people to help with your marketing and the trainings Dennis offers to get qualified people

30:55 Recommended platforms for those looking to hire people overseas


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