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Episode 96: How Failure Can Lead to Success in Real Estate with Matt Hays

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Matt Hays is an expert in Short Term Rental, Finance, Flipping, and Wholesaling. In this episode, Matt went from a failed flipping venture to dominating the Airbnb game. He's not afraid to open up about his challenges and setbacks, and he shares his lessons learned to help others succeed in their own real estate journeys.


Matt shares a wealth of insights about Airbnb that will help you take your real estate game to the next level. Tune in now!



00:00 Introduction

00:36 What is Matt’s background?

02:00 How did Matt pivot when hedge funds stopped buying?

04:22 What did Matt learn from flipping properties on a large scale?

07:16 What are the mistakes to avoid when flipping a house?

10:05 What states does Matt have his Airbnbs in?

11:03 How much can you make from vacation-style Airbnbs?

13:33 Why do people choose Airbnb properties over hotels?

15:50 What areas will make good Airbnb locations?

17:25 How can you protect your property when you turn it into an Airbnb?

20:26 Where can you list your property for short-term rentals?

25:38 Why did Matt decide to start coaching people about the Airbnb business?

27:51 How has the Airbnb industry changed through the years?

29:34 What does it mean to be a Superhost onAirbnb?

30:38 What sets Blair’s House apart from other Airbnb hosts?

33:32 How can you impress your Airbnb guests?

34:29 Why is it important to pay attention to your guests?

36:00 Why is it not ideal to give your guests chores at your Airbnb?

37:10 How can you connect with Matt for Airbnbcoaching?



 “I've realized that I have seriously made some mistakes by allowing those properties that I have renovated and made beautiful and sold for a quick 30, 50 grand, 80 grand, whatever those numbers were. When I should have kept them and turned them into a long-term producing asset”


“When someone finds one bad thing wrong, they will always find three or four more to support the bad things.”


“This is active income, this is not passive income.”




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