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Episode 80: How Leveraging Relationships Can Fast Track Your Success in Business with Max Vollmer

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Show Notes

Max Vollmer is a young real estate entrepreneur and athlete who started his business in 2020, right in the middle of COVID. Today, he is branching out from the business he and his wife started into many different niches and asset classes, and he’s on the show to help us understand what it takes to start and succeed in real estate today.


Listen now to learn more about Max, his journey into real estate, and how he was able to find success in this space at such a young age!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

00:30 What does Max do in Florida?

01:45 What made it easier for Max to start in real estate at a young age?

03:20 What is Max’s background as an athlete?

05:27 How did Max’s athletic background influence his business?

07:34 What advice does Max have on consistency?

11:00 How does Max usually plan his days?

12:20 How did Max start expanding his business virtually?

14:26 Why did Max decide to shift away from wholesaling?

17:56 What is Max’s turnkey model like?

19:21 Does Max get into joint ventures too?

21:14 What advice does Max have for new investors?

24:52 What is Max’s diet like?

29:14 How can you reach out to Max and his wife?



“Social media has given access for educators in real estate and other industries to put their info out there and everyone has access to it.”


“I guess that’s also may be the reason why we’re doing so many things because when I was doing track, I couldn’t decide on one event either. I did them all.”


“It all starts with a thought and you put the motions to that thought to create that reality.”


“In sports, it’s really common that everyone has a plan. What I see in business is a lot of people, they have a plan, but they don’t really necessarily write down like a training plan every single day.”


“With the market turning right now, the best tip I could probably give is start seeking advice.”


“Invest in yourself and find the right network and seek the right advice and mentorship to really get from A to B and B to C. Don’t try to do it all yourself.”


“Like I see in business, you always try to make it so complicated but I guess the power is in simplicity. Just be simple, figure something out that works, and may be adjust later on.”






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