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Episode 83: Leveraging the Best Methods to Get In Front of Motivated Seller Leads with Micah Johnson

Need Motivated Seller Leads That Convert Into Deals?

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Show Notes

Running marketing campaigns to motivated seller leads can be tiresome and confusing to a lot of real estate investors. What data is important? What channels do you market on? What budgets to set? How many follow-ups turn into a deal?


On this episode Micah Johnson with 80/20 REI answers these questions based on factual data that his team studies and implements.


Key Takeaways:

0:00 Introduction

0:30 Introduction to Micah Johnson and 80/20REI

2:00 How to reach motivated leads efficiently and effectively

2:37 It’s not just the data, it’s what you do with it

3:32 Lists that marketers can hit to drive leads

4:15 How we contact pre-foreclosure leads

5:08 Do you cold call before or after a mail drop?

6:30 The advantage of text blasting leads

7:43 How long to follow up with your motivated seller leads

9:50 Why now is the time to market more

12:15 Approaching your motivated leads as a “helper”

13:55 How Micah got into the real estate space

15:10 The number one mistake investors make in their marketing

16:25 Setting your marketing budgets


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