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Episode 100: How Writing A Book Can Help Real Estate Investors Build Their Reputation with Mike Fallat

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Show Notes

Mike Fallat is the founder of Dream Starters Publishing, a company that helps entrepreneurs publish books and share their stories. In this episode, Mike shares how writing a book can establish your name as a real estate investor, making it easier for people to know you and understand your work.


Listen to this episode to learn what types of books real estate investors typically write and how you can make your own book without you doing all the work!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

01:00 What is Mike Fallat's background?

01:50 How does Mike make it easier for people to publish a book?

03:09 What should real estate investors write about?

04:33 How many books do real estate investors need to write?

05:31 How can publishing a book help you establish credibility?

07:00 How can free plus shipping help you with generating leads?

08:11 How does free plus shipping work?

09:20 How did the 10X Growth Conferences Help Mike grow his business?

10:24 What did Mike learn from attending Grant Cardone’s 10X Growth Conferences?

11:29 Why should you connect with individuals who have similar interests?

12:29 How can writing a book create opportunities for real estate investors?

14:02 Why aren't many real estate investors writing books?

15:02 How does impostor syndrome hold you back from sharing your story?

16:32 How can writing a book give you more clarity on what you’re doing?

17:57 What does the process of writing a book look like?

20:36 Why is your story important in the process of writing a book?

22:16 How can you get in touch with Mike?



“We love taking pride in our work, but that could come back to hurt us if we think we can do everything ourselves.”


“The winners out there, the most successful,are not putting a book out there and then being done with it. You need to now stay relevant now, tomorrow, next year, 10 years from now.”


“I just think that you got to find a tribe that is sort of in alignment with your core values.”


“Top of mind really matters in this world and if you are top of mind, when a problem becomes so great and they think of you first, you have their dollar.”




Website: Dreamstarters Publishing


LinkedIn: Mike Fallat