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Episode 79: How to Maximize Your Digital Marketing for Motivated Seller Leads with Paul do Campo

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Show Notes

Everyone wants cheaper ads.

But the real trick to “out-marketing” your competition is by extracting more “juice” from your existing leads (AKA: “plugging up all the holes” in your DRIP follow up system).

When that happens… “cheap” is relative.  

In this episode of Eat, Sleep, Invest, I speak with a master of copywriting in REI. 

Paul do Campo, owner of OmniDrip, is an investor himself and knows the “motivated seller market”. He talks to us about tips and tricks to creating an extremely well built drip follow up system that anyone can follow. 

In the episode you’ll discover: 

  • What to say beside “are you still interested in selling”
  • How to “monetize” every stage of the seller
  • A “no-brainer” way to add not just more testimonials and reviews to your business, but how to add a few more extra deals to your pipeline (utilizing a drip system). 
  • 3 big marketing and copy elements you can add to your drips today
  • The number 1 biggest (and easy) tip for writing more personal copy to anyone in any medium 
  • How to segment your leads into types… not situations, and why. 
  • Event-based buckets create better structure and better copy -- it’s what sophisticated ecommerce/publishing business use today and Paul explains how to do it in REI
  • How to tap into Dan Kennedy’s profitable “Marketing Trifecta” for motivated sellers -- the right message to the right seller, at the right time. 
  • How to create a “funnel-based” drips that follows a lead from beginning to even AFTER it closes
  • A ninja way to add more “touches” to your sellers without more SMS, calls, or emails. 

Paul is giving out free samples of his drips. 2 sequences (SMS, email, voicemail scripts), that you can use today. 

The two sequences are, “Offer too low -Landlord”, and “Signed with someone else”. Get them by subscribing to his newsletter below (I highly recommend you subscribe to see what great email copy looks like). 

Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

00:34 Who is Paul do Campo?

02:16 Why is it important to understand motivated sellers when copywriting?

03:45 What does copywriting mean?

05:22 What does OmniDrip specialize in?

06:10 What kind of copy does Paul like writing the most?

07:57 What is the main purpose of the drips?

09:27 What parts of your business should you be automating?

10:28 What type of buckets should people have for their leads?

13:30 Why is segmentation important for all kinds of businesses?

14:12 How can you give value through copywriting?

15:10 What is benefit-driven copy?

17:20 How can you sell the click in the sequence?

19:55 What is the real goal of follow up marketing?

21:07 Why is social proof important in followup marketing?

23:03 How do you know what benefits to sell in your marketing copy?

24:05 What is the importance of your call-to-action?

25:30 How does Paul keep his copy agnostic?

28:27 Why is personality important in writing copy?

30:51 How can you get in touch with Paul?

31:56 What comes with the services that are offered at OmniDrip?

34:27 What is Paul’s favorite book?


 “It’s very important to know what’s a motivated seller versus someone that just wants to sell their house.”


“The drips are gonna help cut the manual follow up that you need and it’s gonna make sure that the leads are organized.”


“Segmentation is a big moneymaker in any industry, in any business out there. We segment so that we can tailor the message very specifically to that person.”


“Follow up marketing, it has multiple goals. It’s not just to get a response for that one message you sent out.”


“The goal of cold following up is to build credibility, build value, make us the expert in the subject, so that when they are ready, it’s a no-brainer choice for them.”


“When you’re writing, make sure you don’t sound like you’re from the HR department. That’s the biggest, simplest tip that I can give out.”


“Make sure you have personality inside the copy. It’s not about sounding professional.”




Website: OmniDrip


Book: The Boron Letters