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Episode 69: Stephanie Betters on Real Estate Tech and Working with Your Spouse

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Show Notes

Stephanie Betters is the CEO of Left Main, a real estate tech company that has created one of the most useful CRMs for Salesforce, specifically built for real estate professionals. She has built multiple successful businesses from the ground up and she is with us on the show to share her journey.


Watch now to learn more about Stephanie, LeftMain, her motivation to build her businesses, and what she has learned along the way!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

01:15 What is Left Main?

02:41 What is the purpose of Left Main?

04:25 Why is automation important for real estate businesses?

08:01 How did Stephanie get into real estate tech?

12:06 What makes Stephanie’s CRM easy for real estate professionals?

14:01 What was it like for Stephanie to work with her husband?

18:08 What is Stephanie’s advice to people working with their spouses?

19:30 What challenges do we have from working from home?

21:47 Why is it important to understand that doing your best is enough?

23:50 How should you approach the decision to work with your spouse?

26:11 What should you focus on if you’re working with your spouse?

27:05 How can you reach out to Stephanie?




Website: Left Main REI


Instagram: Stephanie Betters