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Episode 77: The Essence of Maintaining a Positive Mindset in Challenging Times with Ryan Weimer

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Show Notes

With the current economic times, we see companies lay off their staff, but Ryan Weimer and his company are doing the opposite. They are hiring! According to Ryan, the way out of a rough patch is sales, and that’s why they are building a bigger sales team. Also, maintaining a positive mindset goes a long way.

Do you ever have a moment to share affirmations with your team? Ryan and his team have morning huddles daily, which always have affirmations as part of the huddles. According to Ryan, having a positive mindset is everything. It helps you remain focused and gives your team confidence even when things are not working for you.

In this episode, Ryan shares how he maintains a virtual team, how the Boise market looks, the essence of maintaining a positive mindset as a company, and how he remains focused. 

 Listen to Ryan and get inspired.

Key Talking Points of the Episode: 

00:54 Getting to know Ryan and how he got into real estate

02:11 How is Ryan seeing the Boise market?

05:33 How Ryan focuses on what he can control

08:23 How Ryan remains focused

10:16 How does Ryan handle profits?

12:10 How Ryan and his team work on their mindset

15:02 The power of goal setting

Quotes from the Episode:

“As an entrepreneur, your mindset through times of adversity is everything. You have to protect your personal confidence, even when things aren’t going your way and when things are going your way.”

“The way out of any rough patch is sales.”

“What you think about, is going to be what happens in future.”

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