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Episode 97: The Importance of Having Multiple Exit Strategies in Real Estate with Santini Lancioni

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Show Notes

Santini Lancioni is a successful real estate investor and the CEO of Hall of Fame Real Estate. Santini took a leap of faith and discovered his true calling through real estate. His unique experiences have given him a fresh perspective, enabling him to identify promising investment opportunities others might overlook.


Don't miss out on this episode, where you can learn about Santini Lancioni's journey in real estate and how he adapted his investing strategy to the current market.


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

00:24 What is Santini’s background in real estate?

01:10 What was Santini’s first job after college?

02:20 How did Santini’s basketball background influence his success in business?

03:38 What made Santini decide to get into real estate?

05:57 What kind of properties does Santini invest in?

06:40 How is Santini pivoting to accommodate higher interest rates?

09:36 Why is it important to have multiple exit strategies ready?

12:30 How can you figure out what exit strategy will work for a property?

14:43 What are the qualities of a good COO?

16:32 How can you develop your team members to become good leaders?

19:22 What is the importance of being surrounded by the right people?

21:10 How does Santini and his team help other investors in their area?

23:15 What is the best way to connect with Santini?



“So there's more than just hard work. There's obviously, tangibles and IQ and co, your cognitive abilities. There's just a lot of factors into business and life.”


“You know that that's the key is like, can you buy 'em cheap enough and accumulate rental properties? And that kind of got me into the space.”


“We wanna create a little bit of an ecosystem in our market, so then this way we can capitalize and, and just help thecommunity.”


“When it comes to leadership, it starts with yourself. Just make sure that you have good habits, that you have a vision in place, and that, you put yourself around the right people and everything else definitely will work out for you.”




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