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Episode 51: Neil Patel Talks About SEO For Real Estate Investors, Quality Content and Link Building

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Show Notes

Welcome to another episode of Eat, Sleep, Invest. In this episode, Bryan Driscoll speaks with Neil Patel. Neil is a digital marketing expert who has over 20 years of experience. He owns NP Digital, has over 750 employees, and is continuing to grow his business year after year.  

Neil works with companies to help them with SEO content creation to grow their businesses. He understands what works and what doesn’t when trying to rank higher on Google. He explains how quality content creation is critical for this type of growth. Bryan and Neil discuss:

  • Why giving your audience the most value is a crucial part of SEO
  • How to write engaging content that is more inviting and relatable. Hint – use words like You and I
  • Combining stories and personal experience with statistics and useful information
  • How links are like votes on the internet and the need for relevance and authority
  • Warnings against link packages and PBNs (Private Blog Networks)
  • The important data points to look at like first touch and last touch
  • Tips for sending useful emails that include a call to action
  • What a website heatmap is, and how it can help maximize your website
  • The importance of obsessing about the user and not algorithm updates
  • Why being patient and consistent are critical when you’re working to rank higher

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