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Episode 98: How to Cold Pitch Yourself to Be A Podcast Guest with Spencer Carpenter

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Show Notes

Spencer Carpenter is the founder of Outlier Audio. In this episode, Spencer shares how he pivoted from the music industry to help entrepreneurs and business professionals get booked on podcasts. He is here to share valuable tips for people who want to become a guest on podcasts through his effective outreach strategies.


Listen now to learn the pros and cons of being on a podcast and how podcasting can help you grow your business!


Key Talking Points of the Episode

00:00 Introduction

00:23 What is Spencer’s background?

01:27 How did COVID impact the podcasting industry?

02:40 How does Spencer’s entrepreneurship background help him help podcasters?

03:14 What are the pros and cons of being a podcast host?

05:08 How can podcasts help you market your business better than ads?

08:04 How do podcasts help with SEO for your business?

09:41 How can you become a guest on a podcast?

12:50 What is the best way to do a cold outreach for podcasts?

14:11 How can you make sure your pitch is accepted when you send it out?

16:40 What information should your email pitch include?

17:47 What should first-time podcast guests keep in mind?

20:10 What is it like to host a podcast?

21:48 What should you do after guesting on a podcast show?

24:11 How can podcast interviews get you more leads?

26:03 How does Spencer help busy people who want to be on podcasts?

28:17 How can you connect with Spencer?



“Just the familiarity you're able to build with people through listening to this long-form medium is just far superior to anything else out there right now.’


“A show could blow up and, and then people start listening to the back catalog of it. And that continues to grow leads for people from interviews they did years prior.”


“You only have so many words before you lose someone's attention. If you can get their attention in the beginning, they'll read a long email and a long bio if you got their attention in the first sentence.”



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