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Episode 72: Becoming The BEST Version of Yourself by Prioritizing Your Health with Stasi Longo

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Show Notes

Stasi Longo is an athlete, body builder, and has been a personal trainer since 1980. She has worked with people of all ages and helped them with their fitness, and she is with us today to help us better understand how we should really be taking care of ourselves.


Listen now to learn more about Stasi, her story, and how she has been helping people get fit and healthy!


Key Talking Points of the Episode


00:00 Introduction

00:42 Who is Stasi Longo?

01:45 What competitions has Stasi won in the past?

02:35 What is the difference between losing weight and changing body composition?

06:27 What’s involved in a body transformation plan?

11:46 What is the importance of having the right diet in getting fit?

14:17 What kind of diet should you be on if you want to get fit?

16:13 Why will you be eating more frequently when you follow the right diet?

18:45 Why is it important to gradually build your routine?

20:41 What is the challenge with starting to change your diet?

23:46 What is the most important part of the transformation process?

25:53 How are men different from women in this process?

28:07 What is the importance of having a strong support system in this process?

30:53 How should people approach their transformation process?

33:53 What is the importance of water to your health and fitness?

37:01 What are the effects of dehydration on your body?

39:43 What is Stasi’s advice to someone who wants to transform their body?

41:56 How soon can you see changes when you start doing things the right way?

43:48 How can Stasi help people that aren’t in Pittsburg?

45:43 What is the best way to get in touch with Stasi?




“When you just lose weight for the scale, you look great in clothes but if you get naked or get in a bathing suit, not so much because you’ve dieted your muscle away.”


“I specialize in helping them to change their composition, which means gain muscle, lose body fat, and you end up with a beautiful hard body in the end.”


“These transformations are miraculous, but they’re very doable. You just need to have the right tools and the right instruction for your specific body.”


“All these healthy foods that we’ve heard are great to eat. I’m not telling you not to eat them, I’m just telling you now, we need to measure and count them.”


“When you start to eat the right macronutrients tailored to your body and it’s lean, you’re gonna get hungry more often – that actually stimulates metabolism.”


“If you do not drink water, your liver can not do the job of metabolizing the fat to get rid of it and that’s why just by drinking more water, you’re gonna lose more body fat. That’s a fact.”




Website: Lose It!


Email: Stasi Longo


Website: Sonshine Fitness