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Episode 71: How Steve Trang is Leveraging Resources and Relationships for the Evolving Market

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Show Notes

In the real estate investing industry, valuing the relationship between sales and marketing is a keep aspect of running your business effectively and efficiently. While marketing can be looked at as a fixed cost, sales can be adjusted depending on performance and conversion.

Steve Trang gives us a breakdown of how to leverage your sales team to improve your top and bottom line and make your real estate business profitable.

Key Takeaways:

0:00 Introduction

1:15 Who is Steve Trang

1:38 The Real Estate Disruptors Podcast

3:11 Mistakes being made on the front end of the sales process

5:03 What "Selling" actually should be to get a sale

6:00 What questions you should be asking on a sales call

7:35 Finding out what the seller wants and needs

9:52 People want to be heard and understood

12:12 How Sales impacts the ROI of your marketing

14:10 Doubling your profits by making your sales better

14:45 What KPI's to look at for your sales process

16:42 The right build out for your sales team

18:06 The first touch for your leads

20:47 How Steve Trang got into SalesTraining

23:11 How Steve Trang's engineering background improved his sales skills

24:45 Steve Trang's goal for creating 100 millionaires

26:14 What Steve Trang did to adjust his real estate business in 2022

30:01 Connecting with Steve Trang

Connect with Steve Trang:

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