February 9, 2024

Dan Divjak: Opening New Markets and Scaling Business with Strategic Partners

Six months ago, Dan Divjak and a group of other wholesalers came together to form Real Property Solutions, driven by their shared entrepreneurial spirit and desire to bring their collective wholesaling experience together in one of the hottest markets in the country – Nashville.

We learned more about Dan’s role at RPS, what the group’s plans are for expanding over the next year, and how Motivated Leads plays a pivotal role in their growth.

Real estate: It’s in Dan’s blood

“I've always been in sales from a very young age,” Dan shares. “I had a paper out when I was ten or eleven in northern Ohio. From that point on, I was always attracted to sales.” 

Dan got into real estate in 2004, after relocating from Phoenix to Atlanta. At the time, he worked for Centex Homes, which would go on to be acquired by Holt Homes, as VP of Sales and Marketing. 

Then, the housing market crashed in 2008 – but his passion for real estate remained.

“My father was a police officer by trade, but he was also a bricklayer. He built our home in Ohio. and I think it's just always been in my blood – the architecture and the building aspect of real estate,” Dan recalls.

In 2019, Dan relocated to Nashville while working for a large national home builder but quickly got introduced to wholesaling.

“I didn't know anything about it at first, but I realized quickly that there was a huge need for it and that there was a legitimate market to be served through wholesaling efforts. It’s been very eye opening,” he shares. 

“It's very different from walking into a nice, new model home. We deal with some of the most challenging aspects in the real estate industry. It's very rewarding. We're truly helping people that sometimes have no other option than to sell their property, and then we're helping folks that are buying these properties to either fix up and sell to families or put families in them as rentals. So we're indirectly, if not directly, involved with providing homes for people. No two days are the same and it's incredibly challenging but a lot of fun.”

The desire to help people and build something from the ground up led Dan and his partners to build Real Property Solutions.

Real Property Solutions’ unique business model

The RPS team formed over six months ago, but they started to get serious more recently.

“Our main equity partner owns a title company and he was in the business. He was buying properties and holding them as rentals or flipping them, trying to do things from the wholesale perspective on his own for quite a while and it wasn't working out,” Dan says.

That main partner brought some of his friends. Those friends brought friends. Eventually, everyone came together and decided to give it a shot working together.

“RPS went through some growing pains at the beginning,” Dan shares candidly. “As you can imagine, this is a very tough business, especially with the market shifting. Plus, Nashville is incredibly competitive, so we quickly realized that we knew how to do the blocking and tackling of the business, but we needed partners to jumpstart the marketing aspect and the lead generation aspect.”

What’s really unique about Real Property Solutions is their business model. In fact, Dan shares they even had a business coach call them “crazy” for their compensation structure:

“They said, ‘You're giving away too much’ and we're like, ‘You don't understand where we came from.’ Regardless of the different industries we were in prior, each of us felt like we were getting a very small piece of the pie. We weren't valued,” Dan shares.

That’s not how RPS runs their business. Their goal is to give everyone an opportunity to earn a living while still having flexibility and balance – and it’s working in their favor.

“We want folks to have an entrepreneurial family-first mentality with Real Property Solutions and we want them to stay with us for a long time. And, because of that, we give a large portion of the profit away to the market in exchange for that loyalty and that enthusiasm on a daily basis,” he shares.

Dan continues: “We have people knocking on our door to open markets for us, but we want to be smart about it. We want to scale responsibly. We want to make sure that we've got our house in order so that they can be as successful as quickly as possible.”

They’ve already expanded out of the Nashville area to Knoxville, Huntsville, and Lexington, Kentucky and, by the end of next year, they expect to open 10-12 more markets.

“We have a unique business model that we think is going to be very attractive to folks that maybe have an interest in wholesaling buying and holding and flipping properties but don't really know where to get started, so we're really excited about that,” Dan says.

In their efforts to scale into new markets, Real Property Solutions has sought out strategic partnerships – and Motivated Leads is one of them.

Motivated Leads: How RPS plans to scale with the right partners

Dan got introduced to Motivated Leads through an Instagram ad and they dove right in.

“I just kept coming across the Motivated Leads ad on Instagram, so I started looking into it a little bit and had our head of marketing take a look into it and set up a call,” says Dan. “We started it five months ago and, to be completely transparent, we pulled back on it for a minute. But we've recently turned it back on because we eventually were able to put together some data and look at what our ROIs were on different marketing channels and Motivated Leads, by far, had the biggest ROI of any other inbound marketing channels that we had,  including other PPL services.”

Now, Motivated Leads is turned on for Nashville as well as the three other markets RPS is operating in. “It's a large portion of our strategy right now, and we couldn't be happier with the quality of the leads that have come through so far,” says Dan.”

Dan estimates they’ve closed 1 out of every 10 leads they’ve brought in from Motivated Leads so far. He also appreciates that he hasn’t had any of those contracts fall through or back out, which is the experience they’ve had with other PPL services they’ve worked with.

Dan continues: “We’ve worked with another very popular PPL service, and we've had good success with it. But we dug into the data, and the ROI is maybe 30-40% of what we’ve experienced with Motivated Leads.” 

A big part of the successful partnership between Real Property Solutions and Motivated Leads is our pre-vetting process. We ensure everyone that gets passed on to our partners is truly motivated to sell, and they have a need and urgency. 

“I'm really grateful for the partnership that we've got with Motivated Leads. I can't emphasize it enough. The quality and the urgency of the leads that come through to us are better than anything we've seen with other PPL providers, and we expect it to be a really big part of our business and our strategy moving forward.”

Find quality, urgent leads that are ready to convert with Motivated Leads

We’re thrilled to continue partnering with Real Property Solutions as they open up new markets in their territory and continue to scale their business.

If you want to emulate their success and partner with a strategic lead provider that vets for quality, click here to learn more about what sets Motivated Leads apart from other PPL companies.