September 1, 2023

SEO vs PPC for Real Estate Investors – Which Is Best?

It’s hard to find any industry that has not converted a considerable percentage of its business to the internet. An online presence is necessary for most companies today. People are searching for everything possible on the web, including real estate. As a real estate investor, your priority should be making sure your business is a part of that search.

Word of mouth can do good for you, but it will not be enough in a business such as real estate. We’re talking about homes, apartments, properties, and more. Real estate is not a small-scale industry. People will be more alert and cautious in this space, and that is why establishing an online presence that gives a sense of comfort to potential clients can go a long way. The question is, precisely how do you go about developing your online presence as a real estate investor?

There are two primary strategies or techniques brands and businesses use to increase their digital footprint. Those two strategies are SEO and PPC. You have probably heard of both of these terms before. In addition to SEO and PPC, companies like Motivated Leads also help build your online presence. We’ll give a thorough breakdown of each and explain how each is beneficial to you as a real estate investor.

Is SEO The Route For Me

SEO has become a common term over the past years as more businesses move online to take advantage of the digital market. SEO stands for search engine optimization and is the most used online marketing strategy if you didn’t know. To explain it simply, SEO works off keywords used in web pages that customers will search through search engines like google. Sounds easy, but here is where it becomes more complex. The reality is that most individuals trying to establish a business or brand online will be using keywords, so using those exact keywords will not make your website stand out.

Meaning you’ll have to be more detailed in the way you use keywords. This detail is a form known as long-tail keywords or keyword phrases. So, for example, if the keyword were “real estate SEO,” you would want to write something like how to use SEO for real estate.

What is understood is the importance of SEO, but what you’re wondering about is SEO for real estate investors? SEO can 100 percent be for real estate investors. SEO does two essential things for any business, including real estate investors, that’s establishing credibility and visibility. Here are two ways SEO creates credibility and visibility for your business.


SEO is not a short and easy process; it takes a while to get results, so you will have to be consistent. You need to constantly attack the SEO algorithm to land on the first page. As you continue to build consistency, you will notice the viewership rise on your site. Your domain authority will continue to increase as well, which leads to you being considered a legit website on the internet. Consistency will grow your legitimacy on the web and with your customer base.

That consistency will increase the chance of you landing on the front page gaining visibility; it also shows consistent viewers to your site that you are a legit page gaining credibility. You will want to make some form of update at least a few times a month to get the engagement you desire for your business.

Creative Opportunities

Keywords are a significant part of SEO, but it is more to it than that. You must remember SEO is a form of marketing; therefore, content is most important. There are a lot of opportunities for you to get creative, even in real estate. The most common form of content is creating a blog for your website. It is a great way to inform your audience of who you are, what you’re about, and everything you do.

Making consistent content would be the perfect opportunity to create a genuine connection with your audience as a real estate investor that can build trust for future business. Other options include vlogging and different types of visual content to give your consumers a direct look at you, the investor, and the possible real estate. You create credibility that can help make that jump from business to household brand.

There are two possibilities of SEO not going well for real estate investors. They are time and cost. As a real estate investor, much of your time is spent managing your properties, causing you not to have time for marketing. If you decide to pay someone else to do the job for you, the fee can be hefty as SEO is a specialized skill. You don’t want to spend too much on something you could do yourself.

There you have it. SEO for real estate investors can have tremendous effects on your business. SEO shouldn’t be underestimated; it is a valuable skill to attain in any industry. Unfortunately, there is the risk of not having time or money to make it work.

Should I Choose PPC

Is PPC for real estate investors beneficial? The short answer is it can be. PPC, short for “pay per click,” is another online marketing strategy that can get significant awareness for your business. Real estate PPC works because sponsored ads are created that will show up when users type a keyword in the search query. You then will pay every time the ad is clicked on.

How does this work for real estate investors? PPC is a quick way to put your business in people’s eyes. If you are a real estate investor just getting started and looking for immediate engagement, PPC can be great for you. If you have a quality website and know how to create a savvy landing page, PPC is for you. The dominant factor in low conversions using PPC is a horrendous landing page.

Two stand-out benefits come with using PPC for real estate investors. The two benefits of conversation are targeting and fast results. We’re going to show you exactly how it relates to your business.


With PPC, you have to be very specific. The more specific you are, the better, as you bid on keywords to utilize for relevancy. PPC is perfect for investors with a particular audience they’re trying to market to. With targeting, you’re cutting out any misleading ads as your ad is directed to the people you want to attract to your business.

Fast Results

PPC isn’t a long process at all. You use services like Google Ads to create sponsored ads for a specific audience to see and, from there, let the conversions roll. You immediately will know your success as you notice if you’re getting the conversions you want or not. Seeing conversion rates quickly is very beneficial for any business as we all want to make sure we’re getting our money’s worth.

Possible Cons

Speaking of money, one of the cons to PPC is cost. You pay every time someone clicks on your ad, and if that doesn’t lead to conversion, that is money wasted. In a business like real estate, wasting money is the last thing you’re trying to do. Whatever you are putting in, you want to see out.

In addition to cost is management. For example, with a marketing strategy that involves a fee from the start, you’ll want to manage your conversion rates to make sure the results are there.


You now know what SEO and PPC are and the benefits they both bring to the table, leaving the million-dollar question of which one do you choose as a real estate investor. The easiest way to see it is a breakdown of differences, similarities, and results.


  • SEO specializes in more long-tailed keywords or phrases to separate yourself from the possibility of using the exact keywords top sites are already using.
  • SEO is more of a slow build. SEO takes time to grow, and results can only be seen with persistence and consistency.
  • PPC uses specific keywords to establish relevancy and because the keywords are bid on to use in ads.
  • With PPC, you will see fast results as ads are created to pop up as soon as a keyword is searched.


  • Both PPC and SEO can be costly due to a lack of knowledge or management.
  • SEO and PPC can be time-consuming, affecting your already busy schedule as a real estate investor.


Both SEO and PPC have great results and can benefit someone in real estate. If it feels more genuine to build organic growth through your crafted content, you should choose SEO. If you want to see feedback immediately for your business, PPC would be a better route.

Where Motivated Leads Step In

You got a rundown of both SEO and PPC, and now you should know how an agency like Motivated Leads can be a great option. Motivated Leads is an agency that helps you with your online business as a real estate investor. They do this by generating leads to send you as a real estate investor, but that is not all. They go past just generating leads for real estate investors; they improve your digital footprint in all aspects.

They set up your website and create a logo for you as well. Everything is yours; you have complete ownership of the website. What separates the agency from others is that there are no long-term contracts to lock you in. They want to see you succeed as they have, and that is what you get when working with a company that actual real estate investors created.

You can find more of that in the about section of their website. A company like motivated leads can be a significant asset. If you’re someone who sees using SEO for real estate investors as too stressful or complicated, Motivated Leads can handle it. If you’re looking for more, then PPC Motivated Leads is an option.

If you would like to see reviews of others’ experiences, they have countless videos of testimonials from people speaking about what motivated leads have done for them. Fair warning: they are for seasoned real estate investors who have experience closing deals very clearly. So if you are a real estate investor who has put his toe in the water and is ready to take on new business in max, then Motivated leads will work well for you.

Everyone Loves Options

We as people love options in all areas of life, including business. However, before you put your time, energy, and money into a business, you want to make sure you’re taking the best route. To do that, you must do a thorough search of the options available to you and decide the best choice for success from your perspective.

It’s been established that an online presence is a necessity as that is where most businesses find success today. The options presented to be successful online, specifically as a real estate investor, are SEO, PPC, and companies such as Motivated Leads. SEO works well for building your brand up organically and establishing credibility and visibility. In addition, adding a skill to your arsenal can benefit you long-term as a real estate investor.

PPC can get you instant results if you have your website ready for viewers to click on your ad and take them to your landing page. Motivated Leads is a company that goes past just generating leads for your business; they also create a website and handle your digital marketing for you.

As a real estate investor, you have options, and each has its unique formula for success. It boils down to the road that you see yourself taking. Whatever path you choose, we hope we have given guidance for you to move as efficiently as possible in today’s world as a real estate investor. Remember, don’t be afraid to carve out your space.