September 1, 2023

Top 68 Keywords for Real Estate Investors to Find Motivated Seller Leads

Real estate is a busy industry, which means that it can be challenging to find the right types of home sellers for the niche you’re working in.

Using the right motivated seller leads keywords is a big part of attracting the audience you’re looking for instead of individuals who are hoping to sell their homes through real estate agents.

To set up your SEO strategy properly, it’s important to be aware of exactly what sort of homeowner you’re looking for, which situations you can work with, and how interested parties are trying to find your services.

Understanding your own approach as well as theirs is a great way to choose which keywords you’re going to use in order to bridge the gap between your business and the motivated home sellers looking to be done with their home ownership burdens as quickly as possible.

Let’s discuss the different types of keywords, how to utilize them properly, and how to make popular keywords fit into your content naturally.

Types of Keywords for Motivated Sellers

When developing an SEO strategy and planning out the keywords you’re going to use, it’s good to be informed about the different types of keywords you could use. Knowing the difference between the types and their applications will help you determine which keywords are best to use in various circumstances.

Targeted Real Estate Investing Keywords

Targeted keywords are used to gain the attention of motivated sellers who are facing unique situations that apply to the buyer’s area of experience. These sellers are likely going to get online and search for terms that fit their circumstances, and in doing so, they hope to find buyers who know how to help them get out of the situation faster.

Targeted keywords are best utilized by buyers who want to find the right types of motivated sellers, or by motivated sellers who hope to find buyers that can purchase their properties without the standard hassles of traditional real estate practices.


  • Sell my home during divorce
  • How to sell my inherited home fast
  • Sell house to stop foreclosure
  • Sell my house fast for work
  • How to sell rental property

Long-Tail Keywords

Hand writing inscription Keywords with marker, concept Hand writing inscription Keywords with marker, concept keyword research stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

Long-tail keywords tend to look less like a short string of keywords and more like simple questions. They’re typically conversational in style, and instead of being composed of only a couple of words, these keyword types are likely going to be samples of exact questions that people type into a search engine.

This keyword type definitely has its benefits, being that it’s quite easy to rank for. If your pages utilize SEO properly, you can gain favorable search engine rankings in a short period of time.

However, this keyword type doesn’t usually earn websites as much traffic as target keywords do. Only certain individuals are going to type full questions into search engines, but those that do are going to be led straight to the pages of businesses that properly utilize long-tail keywords.


  • How can I sell my home from out of state?
  • Can I sell my house without a realtor?
  • Can I sell my house fast in [location]?
  • How can I sell my house fast?
  • Can I sell my home to prevent foreclosure?

Standard Keywords for Investors

keywords research search engine optimization SEO try to search words term teamwork together keywords research search engine optimization SEO try to search words term teamwork together vector keyword research stock illustrations

Finally, there are generalized motivated seller keywords that buyers and sellers can use to make connections. These keyword types don’t fit into the targeted keyword category because they’re too broad, and they don’t fit into the long-tail keyword category because they’re typically too short.

When it comes to finding motivated sellers, one common piece in many of the motivated seller keywords that generate results are terms like “fast,” “quick,” or “cash.” These words set motivated sellers apart from sellers who aren’t in a hurry.

It’s important to use general keywords that traditional real estate agents and buyers aren’t going to be looking for. By using real estate investor keywords, you’re more likely to find sellers who fit the niche you’re going for.


  • Sell my house fast
  • Sell my home now
  • Cash home buyers in [location]
  • Sell a house quickly without agent
  • Sell my house fast [location]

Using Motivated Seller Keywords

When developing a list of keywords for motivated sellers, it’s important to learn a couple of things about the people you’re hoping to work with and how to attract them to your pages with your keyword usage.

For example, while you’re working on your SEO strategy, you’ll want to keep in mind the motivations that homeowners may have to sell their properties, as well as how to properly use the keywords in your lists.

Understand WHY People Need To Sell

Part of developing an effective SEO strategy and finding motivated sellers involves understanding why homeowners may want to sell their homes in non-traditional ways.

One of the best ways to apply motivated seller leads keywords to your approach is to implement their reasons into your SEO strategy. For example, some of the most common reasons behind homeowners needing to sell their properties quickly include

  • Needing to relocate quickly for work
  • Trying to avoid repair costs before selling a home
  • Selling a home to meet the terms of a divorce
  • Getting out of a home they inherited
  • Selling a home to deal with a death in the family
  • Selling a home after a family member goes into long-term care
  • Becoming tired of troublesome renters
  • Trying to prevent foreclosure
  • Needing to sell after becoming upside down in mortgage payments

When you understand a seller’s motivation, you become better equipped to find sellers who meet the criteria you’re looking for.

Inserting Keywords To Target Sellers

3D Isometric Vector Conceptual Illustration of SERP - Search Engine Result Page. 3D Isometric Flat Vector Conceptual Illustration of SERP - Search Engine Result Page. keyword research stock illustrations

When you’ve developed a decent list of motivated seller keywords, you’ll want to include them in your content naturally. Be sure to use your keywords in the following places, while still ensuring that your content makes sense.

  • Title Tags
  • Meta Descriptions
  • Page/Article Titles
  • Throughout the Content (especially in the first and last 200 words)
  • Content Headings
  • Image Tags
  • URLs
  • Anchor Text Links

Again, using primary and secondary keywords naturally without stuffing them into content is the best way to obtain organic search engine rankings.

Top Keywords for Motivated Sellers

  1. sell my house divorce
  2. how to sell my home fast
  3. sell my property fast
  4. sell my inherited house
  5. selling inherited property fast
  6. sell my house now
  7. sell my house to an investor
  8. sell my house without agent
  9. we pay cash for properties
  10. we buy homes
  11. sell your house fast
  12. sell house online fast
  13. sell a home quick
  14. sell house for cash
  15. selling property for cash
  16. buy my house now
  17. can I sell my house online?
  18. sell my home quick
  19. sell my house fast
  20. buy my house for cash
  21. sell rental home fast
  22. we buy houses
  23. buy my house investors
  24. selling my home online
  25. fast house buyers
  26. sell vacant house
  27. sell vacant property
  28. need to sell a house fast
  29. sell my home fast
  30. sell house with tenant
  31. fast home buyers
  32. sell my house foreclosure
  33. cash house buyers
  34. cash for houses [location]
  35. sell house for free
  36. sell home without an agent
  37. how can I sell my house fast?
  38. sell a house fast
  39. sell house without repairs
  40. we pay cash for houses
  41. how can I sell my house without realtor?
  42. cash home sale
  43. I buy homes
  44. cash home buyers online
  45. fast cash buyers
  46. buy my house
  47. we buy houses as is
  48. can I sell my house to prevent foreclosure?
  49. how to sell house fast
  50. I buy ugly houses
  51. we buy houses fast
  52. cash home buyers
  53. need to sell home fast
  54. selling my house for cash
  55. sell without a realtor
  56. need to sell my house fast
  57. sell house fast
  58. buy my house fast
  59. sell my house fast for cash
  60. sell home online
  61. sell house quickly
  62. I buy houses
  63. cash for homes in [location]
  64. cash for vacant properties fast
  65. buy my home asap
  66. buy my house asap
  67. cash home investors
  68. sell my house without realtor in [location]

Keyword Roots

Keywords Research Business Concept. White office desk Keywords Research Business Concept. White office desk keyword research stock pictures, royalty-free photos & images

After scanning through the popular keyword combinations listed above, you may have noticed that many of the keywords use the same basic terms.

To customize your keyword usage for your locality or specialization, consider using one of these popular keyword root phrases and adding to it to target your desired demographics.

  • Sell house fast
  • Buy houses
  • Cash for houses
  • Cash home buyer

Any one of these roots can be expanded upon to create long-tail keyword entries, such as

  • How can I sell my house fast in [location]?
  • How do “we buy houses” programs work?
  • Can I work with a cash home buyer to sell my house?
  • Do investors pay cash for houses in [location]?

Additionally, any one of these roots can be expanded upon to make them fit naturally into the content you’ve written on your pages. For example:

  • If you’re looking to sell your house fast…
  • We are professional cash home buyers in…
  • Our business pays cash for houses…
  • [Business name] buys houses in and around the [location] area

Often the most difficult part of developing effective keywords is choosing your terms and optimizing them properly. When planning out a keyword strategy, it’s important to research keyword options carefully before deciding which keywords are going to benefit your business the most.

You’ll need to look into keyword combination choices to see which of your terms generate the most results, ensure that you’re doing everything you can to reach your desired audience, and take all the steps needed to use your chosen keywords naturally in your content.

Even if you reach your audience, people can usually determine low-quality content as soon as they see it, so natural, relevant, organized information is going to be your most effective tool when it comes to putting your keywords to their best use.